Arisendia awaits…

As I write this, Arisendia stands ready for its first visitors from our realm, besides this wandering storyteller. All three initial chronicles are live to purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The eBooks are also readable for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Arisendia’s marketing push won’t kick in for another week,Continue reading “Arisendia awaits…”

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Is there any place for info dumps in fantasy fiction? Ah, here I am treading on the toes of another writing pseudo-rule. I should mention that ninety-nine percent of the time, avoiding info dumps is a recommendation I follow. I believe spouting reams of information at the reader in direct address takes them out ofContinue reading When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go!

Kremat Peppers with your Radnoush, sir? Praise Eskar!

The significance of food and faith in fantasy literature What’s the difference between sparkling wine and Champagne? About two feet if you own a winery right outside the boundary of France’s Champagne region. That’s because the drink enjoys protected geographic status. Origins of the beverage are subject to claims and counter-claims that it was actuallyContinue reading Kremat Peppers with your Radnoush, sir? Praise Eskar!

Lost in translation

Never read a pseudo-rules article on writing while drinking a cup of tea. That’s my advice after nearly spraying mine across the living room a short while ago. The source of this sudden beverage expulsion from my cavernous maw? A commentator who insisted fantasy writers should never use the phrase ‘short order,’ as it’s barelyContinue reading “Lost in translation”

Friends in this world

As we creep nearer the December release, I’m paying tribute to old friends included in the dedication of the first book, ‘Rise of the Loremaster.’ There, I mention Stuart, Patrick, Nick, Howard and Max; classmates with whom I first delved into role-playing games at the start of our summer holidays in 1984. We met atContinue reading “Friends in this world”

To cliché, or not TOO cliché

No, that ‘to/too’ isn’t a heading typo in my paraphrase of Hamlet. In this article, I wanted to address a common criticism levelled at authors in many genres; especially fantasy. Do we embrace tropes done so many times they’ve become cliché? If so, at what point (if any) does cliché become too cliché? Those closestContinue reading To cliché, or not TOO cliché

Genesis of a Fantasy World

In the beginning there were words… Hmm, think I’ve read something like that before. When I commenced building Arisendia, I focused on two small adjoining continents separated by twin estuaries acting as a natural canal between eastern and western oceans. These estuaries meet at the impressive Olandran city of Falinor. Assuming a short boat rideContinue reading “Genesis of a Fantasy World”