Arisendia awaits…

As I write this, Arisendia stands ready for its first visitors from our realm, besides this wandering storyteller. All three initial chronicles are live to purchase on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats. The eBooks are also readable for those with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Arisendia’s marketing push won’t kick in for another week, so ARC reviewers can rate the new series for customer consideration.

Click any of the three images below to find that chronicle at your local Amazon store. You’ll want to read them in sequence for the follow-on titles to make any sense.

If you haven’t already watched the series starter book trailer for ‘Rise of the Loremaster: The Arisendia Chronicles – Book 1,’ you can view it here:

Other than that, it only remains for me to wish those of you venturing forth into my fantasy realm: fair winds, calm seas and a safe road. As the dwarves of Hearthstone might say: ‘Dig well. Live true.’ Or, to quote Janily Barlen’s battle cry based on the song she performed that launched the resistance: ‘Lonelanders ARISE.



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