Genesis of a Fantasy World

In the beginning there were words… Hmm, think I’ve read something like that before.

When I commenced building Arisendia, I focused on two small adjoining continents separated by twin estuaries acting as a natural canal between eastern and western oceans. These estuaries meet at the impressive Olandran city of Falinor. Assuming a short boat ride between both landmasses interrupting daily progress of around 15 – 20 miles, you could walk or ride from northern Olandra to southern Junziel in under two months – terrain, weather and wildlife permitting. The decision to bring the occupants into such close proximity was driven mainly by the broader story arc I wanted to shape in the first three Chronicles: the loss and recovery of faith, family, freedom and cultural identity amidst tiny provincial kingdoms large enough for epic adventure, yet close enough to be considered neighbours.

Throughout the books I allude to older races and civilizations, while mentioning ancestors who sailed across the Ostborne Ocean from somewhere colloquially referred to as ‘The Dreamlands.’ Yes, the world of Arisendia is of course much larger than Olandra and Junziel. By doing this I’ve deliberately left scope to expand on the geography, narrative, characters, history, races and cultures while still rooting them in that which readers will become familiar with during the initial three titles. Expansion can occur gradually without leaving my audience behind, lost in a mass of new information or grappling with unfathomable distances and innumerable new places and names.

On 1st December 2022, you’ll be able to travel to Arisendia yourself for the first time. Already the Kindle version of the initial Chronicle is available for pre-order at Amazon. Two sequels are also due before Christmas, along with accompanying paperback versions.

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have.


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